What is an Orangery?

Orangeries acquired their name when they became popular in the UK in the 1800’s as additional rooms to grow plants and fruits including oranges indoors to protect them from the weather.

While they are no longer used for space to grow plants and fruits today, Orangeries offer a beautiful home extension combining elements of a traditional brick extension and glass conservatories.

Orangeries also have the advantage of providing a touch more privacy than a standard conservatory due to the brick pillars which distinguish this style.

Why choose an Orangery?

Orangeries offer a great flexibility in design compared to traditional conservatories. They can be designed to complement existing property features so they look like a natural extension of the building.

A choice of Orangery styles is available in aluminum and uPVC– each one subtly different externally. Whilst built on traditional building technologies, an Orangery adds a touch of contemporary flair to any home.

Contemporary Orangery

The careful selection of high performance glazing ensures that the Orangery is a versatile living space which can be used all year round and can be combined with further finishing touches such as underfloor heating to create extra comfort.

Orangery examples