Aluminium Louvers

Aluminium Louvres

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West-End Windows provide specialist natural ventilation products for architects and the building industry. We provide in frame, on wall and in-wall grills. In our Louvre series you will find ventilation grills for permanent ventilation completely made of aluminium profiles with a thickness of 1.5mm. Louvres are available in any size, any shape and any RAL colour. They are acoustic and energy efficient ventilation solutions and provide full weather protection.

Our Alumnium Louvre systems are all Part F compliant.

aluminium louvre sections

The type LL38-IF has a 24mm flange surround, adapted to be mounted in a frame.

The water rejecting lamellas, consisting of 3mm round perforations, also serve as an insect prevention. Therefore an insect gauze isn’t needed anymore, and the whole grill is finished in the same colour.

louver system

Louvre Features

  • All RAL colours available.
  • Free airflow 26%.
  • Insect prevention.
  • 24mm Glaze Frame.
  • Wall mount options available.
  • Made to measure.

Louvre Line permanent ventilation grill series.

commercial building application

  • LL38-IF: permanent ventilation grill for in frame mounting with a depth of 38mm.
  • LL38-OW: permanent ventilation grill for wall surface mounting, 38mm depth.
  • LL38-IW: permanent ventilation grill for in-wall mounting, 38mm depth.

Continuous Louvre systems

Our Continuous Louvre System range offers architects the means of enclosing space with a greater flexibility in both appearance and performance.
Made from extruded aluminium for greater strength and accuracy, our unique offering of ingenious aluminium clips, fixing and support systems gives flexibility and seamless integration into all types of buildings. A full suite of optional accessories is offered, including bird guards, insect mesh, single and double louvre doors, perimeter flashings etc.
A range of concealed supporting mullions ensures that materials are used economically while meeting client-specific requirements.

louvre blades

The unique all aluminium click-in systems allows for very quick assembly and installation on site.

The louvre blades are available in 34mm, 50mm and 75mm pitches.

Sun shading Louvre systems

People respond better when they have a nice, unobstructed view to the outside and work better under controlled natural daylight conditions. Architects, for their part, naturally like to create buildings that evoke interest and admiration.

A typical form of Bris Soleil is a horizontal projection extending from the sunside facing of the building. It is most commonly used to prevent facades with a large amount of glass from overheating during the summer. Often louvers are incorporated into the shade to prevent the high-angle summer sun falling on the facade, but to also allow the low-angle winter sun to provide some passive solar heating.

Sun protection products minimize solar heat gain within the building and provide control of both incidental light and glare.

This range of sun protection systems achieve this necessary functional performance, which creates a better environment to live in. We offer a choice of systems consisting of aluminium sun-shading components, both in horizontal and vertical configurations.

louvre sun protection system sunshade

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