Integral Blinds

Stylish, maintenance-free modern integral blinds for Bi folding doors, windows and conservatories

Blinds for bifold doors are perfect for controlling room temperature, maintaining privacy, protecting your furniture from fading and adding a stylish finishing touch to your room. But cleaning them can be a real headache.

Our Uni-Blinds® integral blind system eliminates the need for cleaning, and gives you a wide selection of contemporary blinds that will never get damaged.

The Venetian-style blinds are installed between two glass sheets inside the double glazed unit to give you the ultimate in protection from the heat and glare of the sun and at the same time making sure they stay clean – forever.

They are also available in triple glazed sealed units too.

Uni-Blinds® are operated using manually or electronically depending the chosen system.

The slats raise, lower and tilt using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass, guaranteeing the units hermetic seal. Raising and lowering is achieved using a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnetic device. The electrically operated Uni-Blind® system works in a similar way with the press of a button.

Available in a wide range of designs and colours, you will have no trouble finding a Uni-Blind® that fits your room style and décor. The blinds offer complete privacy and, with the touch of a button, you can cover up dreary grey skies or let the glorious sun shine in.

Advantages of Integral Uni-Blinds®

  • Maintenance-free
  • Ultra-modern styling
  • Ideal for homes, boardrooms and public buildings; living rooms, office spaces and conservatories
  • Totally hygienic – no dirt or bacteria build up
  • Help regulate energy bills
  • Warm-edge spacer bars as standard


Excellence in double glazed sealed window and door units for bifold doors, conservatories and windows. Whether it’s a standard double glazed sealed unit for a PVC-U window, bevelled door glass or back painted glass for a kitchen. We provide a superb choice of glass and specialist glazing options:–

  • Energy efficient glass
  • Solar control glass
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Conservatory glass
  • Textured glass
  • Bevelled door glass
  • Back painted glass

Technical assistance is always available too – so if you need any guidance on which glass will best suit your windows or doors please call us or drop us an email.

Learn more about Uni-Blinds® integral blinds, providing five specialist ScreenLine® systems

C System

C-System – full manual control blinds, ideal for bi-folding doors, conservatories and retro fitting

Manually control levels of light and shade with the C-System. The C-System is manufactured to a high technical specification and produced to the highest quality standard. It is operated using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass thereby guaranteeing the unit’s hermetic seal.

Venetian blinds can be operated by a rotational cord winder attached at the top of the room-facing pane of the double-glazed unit or by a “wand” (a small pole attached at the top of the room-facing pane of the double-glazed unit), which is twisted to open and close the blind.

  • Suitable for all vertical window applications
  • Ideal solution for conservatory shading
  • Total privacy and light control for bi-fold and sliding doors
  • Gives excellent utilisation of partitioned office space
  • Suitable for retro installation into existing frames
  • Only viable option for bi-folding doors


S System

S-System – offers an excellent screen against solar radiation and lighting levels with a slider control, Integral pleated blinds also great for conservatories

This manual system comprises a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double-glazed unit with 20mm cavity. The blind movement is achieved by sliding a magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal pane across the glass surface. This external magnet interfaces with a similar internal magnet located in the movable head-rail and it is so designed to absorb possible glass deflections.
The application of Verosol pleated blind fabrics, coated with an aluminium layer on one side, reduces solar heat gain and improves the U-value, whilst regulating the light passing through. Light transfer down the blind edge is eliminated by the use of special “L” shaped-side guides.

The S-System is an extremely versatile product with simplicity of control; the blind can be adjusted to any position at any inclination from 0° (horizontal) to 90° (vertical). The blind can be moved in every direction; from right to left, from left to right, from the top to the bottom and vice versa.

The system is also highly modular; the basic model is installed in a 20mm cavity. It is possible to install two blinds within the same unit. The seal integrity is not compromised in the S-System.

The special features and the high product quality are an effective solution to the problem of light and heat regulation in garret/ attic environments, providing an easy and lasting solution of shading for roof windows, whatever the angle.



S-V-System – offers high performance, ideal for bi-folding doors, conservatories and sliding doors. Venetian blinds with a slider control.

This Venetian blind system is manually-operated and utilises a patented magnetic device to operate the blinds encapsulated within 20mm cavity double glazing units.

A magnetic slider, placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass, allows the slats to be raised and tilted. The blind is raised and lowered by moving the slider up or down and is tilted by slightly lifting or lowering the same slider.

The system can be applied to all types of window frames, even sliding ones, owing to the slim design of the control device.

Equipped with a warm edge spacer bar as standard the S-V-System offers high energy performance and, consequently, savings on heating and air conditioning costs.


  • Closed-loop belt transmission system allows smooth and long-lasting function of the blind
  • The external magnetic slider is treated with the Sanitized®* patented antibacterial finish, which provides a long-lasting protective function
  • The patented warm edge spacer bars and the plastic side profile improve the energy performance of the of the insulating glass unit
  • Meets the requirements of child safety standards
  • Only one device is used to raise and tilt the slats. The external slider “logically” moves in the same direction as the blind operating direction


W-System Swipe

W-System Swipe – wire-free solar powered eco-friendly automated integral blinds

W-System Swipe – wire-free solar powered eco-friendly automated integral blinds The latest in innovative an ecological Italian design, the W-System Swipe Uni-Blind features a control unit that operates the opening, closing, raising and lowering of the integral blinds with a simple swipe – familiar to anyone using touchscreen tablets or smartphones.

This is powered by a discreet solar panel mounted on the exterior frame or through long-life rechargeable batteries – no hardwiring is needed so installation is easy with no electrician required.

Choose from Venetian or pleated blinds encapsulated within a 20 or 22/27mm cavity double-glazed unit.
As well as residential applications, this system is particularly suited to commercial installations such as medical and educational environments, offices, school and colleges.

Benefits include:

  • Energy saving
  • Touch control keys
  • Streamlined installation procedure
  • No need for electrician to install
  • Hard-wired power supply not required For 20 and 22/27mm cavity
  • Warm edge spacer bar supplied as standard for 20/22mm cavity units
  • Radio remote control available as an option
  • Batteries recharged by means of a micro-USB connector
  • Batteries can be easily replaced



MB-System – motorised control integral blinds at the push of a button for raising, lowering and tilting.
Manufactured using high quality materials this technically excellent system looks great whilst operating to the highest standard. The electric brushless motor raises, lowers and tilts the integral blinds safely, smoothly and with precision. This system is ideal for exclusive residential homes fitted with 20, 22 and 27mm cavity double-glazed units.

The motorised Venetian or pleated blind has an internal motor integrated within the blind head-rail and incorporates a micro-control unit plus encoder, which allows simultaneous, synchronised movements of groups of blinds.

All pre-wired and tested, the MB-System is quick and easy to install, thanks to the unique control box. This eliminates potential installation issues and provides an aesthetically pleasing control solution at your fingertips.
For the discerning homeowner Uni-Blinds can be connected to mains or battery operated motors for easy operation at the flick of a switch or by radio wave remote control.

Pre-wired boxes for motorised MB-System

Take the hassle out of installing motorised ScreenLine® blinds with a Uni-Blind® pre-wire box. Rather than having to wire-up numerous components on site, we do this for you in our Uni-Blinds® factory. That means you only need to connect and wire in from the mains and out to the window or door.



Commercial Applications ideal for public environments such as hospitals or government offices.

The B-System is the new patented manual magnetic blind system manufactured by Uni-Blinds®. The Venetian blinds are encapsulated within a 20 or 22mm cavity with tilt only function.

The external magnetic device is placed on the glass in the lower side of the blind. Motion is transmitted via two gears located in the top and bottom corner keys of the blind, which are connected to each other by means of a shaft which is completely concealed inside the spacer bar.

The system is particularly suitable for windowsill applications, such as structural facades, hospital wards and schools as the control device is located at the bottom of the blind making it readily accessible from a low level or seated position.

The P-System comprises a Venetian blind incorporating a 12.5mm slat designed to be integrated in a double-glazed unit with a 20/22mm cavity.

The manual tilt only function is operated via a wire drive by stainless steel anti ligature external knob. The specially designed corner key containing the rotational magnet is connected to the external knob by a flexible drive cable located within the glazing cavity of the window frame. Due to the narrow cavity (20mm), the system can be used in almost all types of existing window frames, whilst the special design allows the aesthetic quality to be maintained in whatever environment it is installed. The only visible control is the external knob fixed to the window frame, allowing the glass surface to remain completely free and easy to clean.

These particular features make the P-System ideal for public environments such as hospitals or government offices where a variety of people need to operate this simple but highly protected system. It can also be modified to incorporate a 16mm slat for integration in a 24mm cavity unit.


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