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Bespoke Commercial Entrance Doors

West End Windows has a strong presence in the automatic door industry and the commercial door and hardware sales and service field since our inception in 1975. We are well aware of the need to keep abreast of new concepts in our industry and we strive to maintain the optimum in service and products available in today’s market, which has enabled us to maintain our competitive edge. We not only supply a wide variety of products in both manual door hardware and automatic / specialty door lines, but we back this up with a highly trained and readily available fabrication team.

Prepared for heavy traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (offices, chemists, post offices, banks, restaurants).

cad autoswing/ slide profile

Automatic Swing Door Operators

West-End Windows have a swing door operator to meet every application, from a low energy swing door to meet codes to access for people with physical disabilities. Swing door operator systems can be fitted onto existing doors or we can provide complete packages including the commercial glass doors.

automatic swing door operator

Facilitating access for people who require assistance

We have been very active in various projects providing automatic door openers to facilitate access for people who require assistance. Building codes for many of the municipalities now require that door openers be installed on doors to businesses that are open to the general public to provide this access. Many municipalities have installed automatic door openers at their buildings to fulfil this need. The operators are very versatile as they can be used manually at all times or automatically by those who require assistance. We have also supplied “assist” operator systems into nursing homes, department stores, hospitals, co-ops, apartment buildings and private residences.
Swing door operators can be activated by a variety of devices. The options include motion sensors, push switches, keypads, key switches, hand-held radio controls and actuating mats.

door accessories push switches

We have a wide selection of push switches such as jamb-mounted push buttons, wall-mounted push plates and all-active switches to provide activation for automatic doors.

Follow this link for further information regarding the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Document M regulations

Click image for automatic swing door PDF download:

Automatic swing door pdf download

Automatic Aluminium Doors

Quality automatic door gearing provides reliable service and low upkeep at a competitive price. Automatic systems comply to BS and Fully compliant to the Disibility Discrimination Act (DDA)

Automatic Aluminium Sliding Doors

Whether for new construction or refurbishment project, we have an automatic sliding door which can suit your needs. We offer a full line of automatic sliding doors including bi-parting door systems, single slide packages and manual doors.

For that special store-front, a automatic sliding door system which incorporates the latest in electronic technology.

Example of Automatic Sliding Door in Operation

Automatic Sliding Door Operators are designed for continuous use. Safe, sensitive, silent and reliable. Improvements and innovation have resulted in the unique silent automatic sliding door operator that can be programmed to suit all applications, ie. Hospitals, County Councils, Nursing Homes, Public Buildings, Shopping Centres and very busy airports where elderly and disabled access is required.
Achieving compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

Control Unit

The Electronic Control Unit with microprocessor technology handles door movements guaranteeing the best performance in any conditions. The initial set up activates the doors immediately without the need for any manual adjustment. The micro-processor control learns the door weights and distances and keeps these values updated continuously.

Electronic Control

The various adjustments and operation functions can easily be selected by means of DIP switches or via the remote programme/function selector. The Electronic Control Unit is designed to accept a photocell safety module with built in Auto Diagnostic functions, that allows up to three sets of safety photocells in order to comply with British standards. ie. One or two sets of hold open beams and one set for Breakout Function (where fitted). It also has a buzzer facility to identify any faults.

Anti-Panic Breakout System

The Sliding Door Operator can be fitted with a Breakout System using profiles which converts a simple automatic door into a pedestrian entry in compliance with the European Legislation.
Fixed and mobile doors can be opened outward and used as Manual Doors allowing exit to the street in case of emergency.

Activation and Security Devices

Activation Devices

– Activation Switches

– Sensors

Security Devices

– A wide range of custom made Keypads

– Solenoid / Hook Bolts

– Hold Open Electromagnets

– Micro Shear Electromagnetic Locks

– Stand-alone Access Control

– Card Readers

– Electric Strikes


Available from West-End Windows are a complete complimentary range of hardware, including:
Door Closers – brand name commercial door closers ranging from surface-mounted units to overhead concealed and in floor models.
Door Pivots – most leading commercial brands available.
Panic Hardware – a number of commercial Panic Bar options are held in stock.
Door Hardware – other commecial door hardware including flush bolts, door stops, door holders, lever latches, etc.

Automatic Folding Door Operators

Automatic folding doors allow for barrier-free two- way traffic in just a fraction of the space required by automatic swinging or sliding doors.
The Fold system is ideal for most anywhere, even in tight corridors. In emergencies or power failures, Ready Fold doors provide easy manual opening.


West End Windows have fully trained personnel on hand to provide you the service solutions for your commercial doors, to solve your hardware problems and to service your automatic doors.

Click image for Automatic Slide Door PDF download:

Automatic sliding door pdf download

Colour options


Beautiful colour-rich coatings in a variety of versatile shades, the ‘naturals’ range offers style and protection for all your windows and doors.


For technical reasons associated with print colour reproduction, the colours shown only give an indication of tone and shade. The textured, gloss and anodised paint effect printed finishes only give an impression of the final painted product and actual effects will differ.

Colour references shown in the charts are for internal use only and are not suitable for colour matching with product supplied elsewhere.

We recommend that you obtain a painted colour sample on aluminium plate prior to ordering.

Colour samples can be obtained upon request at or Call us on 0117 9667661.

Disability & Discrimination Act Information

The information provided below are guidelines and regulations that impact upon our products. Primarily these products are:

  • Door Furniture (handles)
  • Door Closers
  • Door locks

A range of options is available that enable compliance with The Disability and Discrimination Act and Document M legislation including low threshold and anti-finger trap sections.

Building regulations on opening widths require that all doors in both domestic and commercial applications feature a minimum clear opening to enable persons of reduced mobility to manoeuvre through a building.



It should be possible to operate door opening furniture one handed, without tightly grasping it or twisting it. The preferred centre height of a handle is 1000mm. There should be no sharp edges, and not cold to touch.

BS8300-2001 clause 6.5.1 Door Opening Furniture:
“For easy identification by visually impaired people all door furniture should contrast visually with the surface of the door.”


The entrance threshold should either be level, or if the provision of a raised threshold is unavoidable, should not be more than 15mm high. A threshold in excess of 5mm in height should be chamfered or pencil rounded.

Door closers

The maximum closing force at the leading edge of a door fitted with a self closing device should not exceed 20N.

Door widths

Below is a an extract from the Building Regulations Document M displaying the minimum effective clear widths of doors:

Door entry systems

Where door entry systems are installed they should be located on the latch side of the door with the activation pad located within 200mm of door frame. The entry system should be at a height of between 750mm and 1000mm from the finished floor level.

For the full ‘Approved Document M’
download click on the document image:

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